Beginning in January 1, 2022, NERSC will be offering membership opportunities to Resident Service Coordinators, housing professionals, housing organizations, students, retirees, and companies providing goods and services to housing organizations, staff, and residents.

The goal of our membership network is to create opportunities for people to connect with one another in real time, throughout the year, as well as have access to resources, best practices and fresh ideas.  

You can choose to join NERSC as a member or you can continue to attend our conferences, webinars and other trainings just as you always have done.  

Why join?  

  • Discounts to both virtual and in-person conferences

  • Discounts on registration for live webinars

  • Early hotel registration opportunities

  • Early conference registration opportunities

  • Ability to join virtual networking groups

  • Affiliation with a professional organization

  • Access and listing in the member directory

  • Access to live social feed, groups and forums

  • Digital training log

  • Discounts valued at $180

Please take the time to review the membership tiers to determine the membership type that best fits. Still have questions?  Call or email us at 508.863.0020 or  

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