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Elizabeth Harper

NERSC Board Member
Resident Services Coordinator
Barkan Management

Liz is a Resident Services Coordinator for Barkan Management. She serves as a service coordinator at ARCH Beta a low-income housing program that has five building that serve 100+ elders and people with disabilities in Augusta Maine. She recently served as the President of MRSCA for 3 years and has been on the NERSC planning committee for 3 years. She is involved in her local communities by serving on a Mental Health Agency board. Liz was a co-chairperson of the 2017 NERSC Conference, in Rockport Maine held at the Samoset. She continues to be involved on the NERSC conference planning committee.

Prior to working with the residents at ARCH Beta, Liz worked with autistic children for 5 years after she retired from the State of Maine after working there for 26 plus years. When she left the Department Of Mental Health and Substance Abuse she was the Director of Licensing for the State of Maine for Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Methadone and EAP programs. She had a previous career as a Social worker working with abused and neglected children and adults, working in Child and Adult protective and Adoption. Liz graduated with a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Orono, and has an undergraduate degree in Behavioral Health.

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