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Why Choose NERSC for your RSC Training Needs?

  • An affordable training option for high quality RSC training – for New England and beyond;

  • A state-of-the-art professional development opportunity for new and seasoned RSCs and housing professionals;

  • A 501(c)3 organization that has been hosting annual training for RSCs in New England since 1999, introduced online learning in 2020, a virtual conference in 2021, both an in-person and virtual conference and a membership program in 2022;

  • A grass roots organization that stays grounded in our mission through the many RSCs serving on our conference planning committee and board.

What Makes NERSC Different?
  • Approaches Resident Services from a housing/management perspective

  • Advocates for and supports RSCs as an integral part of a successful management team

  • Supports resident service coordination in housing, from a resident-centered model 

  • Embraces the RSC who works in family housing communities, as well as senior communities

  • Delivers high-quality training with relevant, professional speakers hired based on their knowledge & abilities

  • Offers online training opportunities both live and on-demand to help RSCs easily meet their training need throughout the year

  • Provides training and supports RSCs focus on community building as well as individual resident needs

  • Offers training and networking opportunities for Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinators working with Housing Choice Voucher clients and public housing

  • Provides training at reasonable rates while offering an opportunity to receive all their required CEUs through one organization

  • Works with and supports the New England State RSC Associations so that they can grow, develop, and unite 

  • Generates sponsorship support in order to keep training costs affordable for the RSC

  • Understands the importance of training and works with partners/sponsors to offer scholarships annually to help RSCs attend

NERSC is YOUR professional RSC organization!

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