Why Choose NERSC for your RSC Training Needs?

  • An affordable, regional opportunity for high quality RSC training – for New England and beyond;

  • A state-of-the-art professional development opportunity for new and seasoned RSCs and property managers;

  • A 501(c)3 organization that has been hosting annual training for RSCs in New England since 1999;

  • A mostly all volunteer, grass roots organization that stays grounded in our mission through the many RSCs serving on our conference planning committee and board.

What Makes NERSC Different?
  • Approaches Resident Services from a housing/management perspective

  • Advocates for and supports RSCs as an integral part of a successful management team

  • Supports resident service coordination in housing, from a resident-centered model 

  • Embraces the RSC who works in family housing communities, as well as senior communities

  • Not a membership organization – no membership fees, no need to be a member to attend trainings; monthly newsletter & website tools available to all

  • Delivers high-quality, regional annual conferences with relevant, professional speakers hired based on their knowledge & abilities

  • Provides training and supports RSCs focus on community building as well as individual resident needs

  • Offers training and networking opportunities for Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinators working with Housing Choice Voucher clients and public housing

  • Hosts annual trainings for RSCs at reasonable rates while providing an opportunity to receive 13 CEUs for licensed professionals in a single, 2.5 day conference

  • Works with and supports the New England State RSC Associations so that they can grow, develop, and unite 

  • Generates sponsorship support in order to keep training costs affordable for the RSC

  • Understands the importance of training and works with partners/sponsors to offer scholarships annually to help RSCs attend

NERSC is YOUR professional RSC organization!

"NERSC is PPI’s “go to” partner in promoting and supporting the RSC profession via its commitment to education and training. The annual NERSC conference provides high quality workshops specific to the business of Resident Services in affordable housing. RSCs are able to earn continuing education credits related to professional licenses and HUD RSC certification, and learn about regulatory updates, grant funding opportunities, and more. 


It is also a forum for seasoned Resident Services professionals to share best practices with industry colleagues. In short, it’s a good value and staff come back with an array of skills, contacts, and program ideas that provide added-value to the property and benefit to our on-site Management Teams and residents year round.”  


- Doreen Bushashia, President of Peabody Resident Services, Inc.

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