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Jannel Satterwhite-Williamson

NERSC President
Corporate Community Relations Manager
Hallkeen Management

Jannel has been with Hallkeen for more than 15 years and an industry professional for two decades. As Corporate Community relations Manager, Jannel is responsible for the oversight of the Hallkeen Resident Services Department, which includes twenty Service Coordinators. She has developed and implemented training guidelines, policy, procedures and best practices; as well as orientation and onboarding curriculum for managers and Service Coordinators. Jannel is responsible for researching and applying for large grants. Jannel's passion for people is reflected in the investment she makes in her team and the impact on the communities that she serves. Jannel started on the Conference Planning Committee in 2017 and joined the board of directors in July 2019. Jannel was elected Vice President of NERSC in June 2021, and President in July 2022.

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