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Pam Niemi

NERSC Board Member
Resident Services Manager
Peabody Properties, Inc.

Pam, a Resident Services Manager with Peabody Properties, Inc., has been working in the affordable housing industry since 1997. She began her career with Peabody Properties, Inc. in 2001 as a multi-site Resident Services Coordinator, and was promoted to Resident Services Manager in 2003. While at Peabody Properties, Inc., Pam has worked as a PRSI Group Adult Foster Care (GAFC) Case Manager, GAFC Quality Assurance Team Member and Supervisor, and the RSC Trainer. In addition to serving the youth, families, elderly and disabled residents in her buildings, Pam’s experiences include working to develop the GAFC Program in PPI’s Chelsea, Dorchester, and Boston sites; training and mentoring new RSCs in company policies and procedures for Resident Services Administration, Incident Reports, and Reasonable Accommodations; and, working directly and extensively with the Peabody Resident Services (PRSI) President to develop and present training updates on Reasonable Accommodations and Incident Report Follow-up. She has also served as a co-presenter with the PRSI President in conducting Reasonable Accommodation Workshops at the NERSC Conferences (2005, 2006), and served as the moderator for a PPI panel presentation on “Collaborating with Agencies to Address Lease Violations” (NERSC 2008).

Pam has served on the Community Teamwork, Inc. Volunteer Advisory Committee (Lowell, MA since 2005, and has been a member of the NERSC Conference planning committee since 2010. At present, Pam maintains an extensive portfolio exceeding 700 units throughout the Merrimack Valley, North Shore, and Nashoba Valley areas of Massachusetts, serving the youth, families, elderly, and disabled populations residing in these communities. Pam holds a BS in Psychology from Sewanee: The University of the South, and a B.S. in Hotel Restaurant Administration from University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

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