NERSC and Resident Service Coordination

As the premier source of training and professional development for Resident Service Coordinators in New England and beyond, NERSC represents over 400 RSCs and housing professionals.  Our primary function is to honor our commitment to expanding and enhancing the profession of Service Coordination by convening for a 2.5 day professional conference every year in early May. Through education and training, our Annual Conference provides an opportunity for Resident Service Coordinators and other property management professionals to come together, share valuable ideas and experience, and stay informed about the latest trends in serving residents in housing.  

The NERSC Board of Directors guides the organization and provides regional leadership on important issues pertaining to ‘best practices’ in resident services. The NERSC Conference Planning Committee is made up of an exceptional team of RSCs from the six New England states, who generously donate their time to work year-round to make the Annual Conference an excellent opportunity for fellow professionals to receive training of the highest quality. NERSC is a 501-C3 non-profit organization. We welcome newcomers and RSCs who are seeking training from across the country.  NERSC is not a membership organization.  There are no dues or fees associated with participation other than the registration fee to attend the annual conference.  



Provides education and enhances the profession of Resident Service Coordination throughout New England.


  • To provide an annual educational and network forum, on a rotating basis in each New England state, for New England Regional, Eastern Seaboard Resident Service Coordinators, and other housing professionals who serve a diverse resident population in affordable housing.

  • To strengthen the RSC organizational structure on the state and regional level through grassroots effort.

  • To ensure the continuity and financial stability of NERSC, Inc.


  • To facilitate high quality programs that are relevant to the work of Resident Service Coordinators.

  • To create a sense of community within the RSC profession.

  • To strengthen and advance the understanding of the value-added impact of our work.

  • To be innovative, user-friendly, and engaging.



About Resident Service Coordinators

Professionals who find their way to resident service coordination come from a variety of educational and training backgrounds, bringing an array of talents and experiences to their work in affordable housing. RSCs have training in education, counseling, social work, city planning, nursing, geriatrics, case management, and countless other fields. This range of experience brings rich opportunities to the low-income residents we serve, and to the profession at large. Our common goal is to work with residents to promote independence and self-sufficiency, ensure stable tenancy, and bring the highest quality of life to residents of all ages who live in public & privately-managed housing.


Conference Convenors

Starting in 1999, the New England State Housing Finance Agencies have proudly convened the New England Resident Service Coordinators Conferences, supporting resident service coordination in housing and continuing education through collaborative programming. In a special note of appreciation, we would like to acknowledge the extraordinary contributions of these six New England State Housing Finance Authorities/Agencies who proudly have supported all NERSC conferences. Without their generous support and involvement, our success would not have been possible. 


Connecticut Housing Finance Authority



New Hampshire Housing

Rhode Island Housing

Vermont Housing Finance Agency









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