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NERSC and Resident Service Coordination

As the premier source of training and professional development for Resident Service Coordinators in New England and beyond, NERSC represents over 550 RSCs and housing professionals.  Through our commitment to expanding and enhancing the profession of Service Coordination, we offer an annual in-person conference in May, a virtual conference in November, live webinars monthly, an on-demand webinar library and a membership program.  Resident Service Coordinators and other property management professionals are able to come together throughout the year, share valuable ideas and experience, and stay informed about the latest trends in serving residents in housing.  

The NERSC Board of Directors guides the organization and provides regional leadership on important issues pertaining to ‘best practices’ in resident services. The NERSC Conference Planning Committee is made up of an exceptional team of RSCs from the six New England states, who generously donate their time to work year-round to make the Annual Conference an excellent opportunity for fellow professionals to receive training of the highest quality. NERSC is a 501-C3 non-profit organization. We welcome newcomers and RSCs who are seeking training from across the country. While NERSC is now a membership organization, non-members are welcome to attend our conferences and most webinars.    


To be the leading provider of education and networking for Resident Service Coordinators, exploring new ways to transform our professional development and the diverse communities we serve.  



Building a community of learning for Resident Service Coordinators to enhance the lives of the people they serve.


  • Education:   Resident Service Coordinators (RSC) who are well-trained in the field are best able to serve residents.

  • Community: Fostering a sense of community strengthens the RSC profession.

  • Impact: Advancing the value-added impact of the work of RSCs promotes positive resident and community outcomes.

  • Diversity & Inclusion:  Diversity and inclusion of each individual enhances and enriches our organization and the communities we serve.  

NERSC is committed to fostering an environment where all, regardless of differences, can feel safe, secure, and supported. We believe that we are individually and collectively responsible for our behavior and are fully accountable for our actions.  We believe that NERSC is enhanced and enriched through the diversity that each individual contributes to our organization, conference, and training experiences.   

NERSC promotes an environment where all are welcome, accepted, and included. We are a multi-cultural community of individuals who are all unique and deserving of respect. We are of diverse racial, ethnic, and national origins. Our views encompass a broad spectrum of religious and political beliefs, and our sexual orientations differ. We strive to work and learn from one another in an atmosphere of positive contact and mutual respect.  Bigotry has no place, nor does degrading another human being on any basis, including age, ableness, national origin, sexual orientation, race, gender identity, color, familial status, marital status, or religious affiliation.  We will not tolerate verbal or written abuse, threats, intimidation, violence, or other forms of harassment against any attendee, guest, or speaker. Likewise, no excuse will be accepted for such behavior.  NERSC is committed to these principles, which are an integral part of our purpose, values, and daily activities.


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