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Jayme Bonds, CRSC

NERSC Board Member Director
Senior Community Coordinator
Winn Companies

Jayme is a Senior Community Coordinator for Winn Companies and has held her position for 14 years servicing residents and mentoring her peers throughout the greater Boston region at her main site and assisting at other sites that do not have a coordinator. Jayme has a strong love and passion for working with residents and has done so for over 30 years.

Jayme holds a BA & Masters in Science , Leadership and Development from Springfield College of Massachusetts. Jayme is a licensed community health worker for the state of Massachusetts and Servers on a few boards: MARSCH where she is currently the greater Boston regional rep and has held the seat of vice president and president, NERSC planning committee where she has held a seat representing Mass, The Senior Medical Patrol board and the National Alzheimer's Foundation. Jayme has a love for family and friends and opens her heart to all individuals who share her same passion. Jayme has been a NERSC attendee for 18 years.

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