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Jennifer Connolly

NERSC Vice President
Director of Development
Connolly & Partners, LLC

Jennifer Connolly has worked in the real estate and building industry for over 20 years. Having overseen complex property management and sustainable design initiatives, she now leads the acquisition and development team for Connolly and Partners. Jennifer also coordinates the delivery of services to all households within this growing portfolio and fosters non-profit partnerships to meet resident needs.

A graduate of Fairfield University with a degree in Politics and the Historic Preservation program at Boston Architectural College, her experiences in the field are complemented by her credentials including the LEED Green Associate designation from the United States Green Building Council, licensure as a Real Estate Broker, and HUD Resident Services Coordination certification.

Jennifer is an active member of the Planning Board locally and pursuing her master’s degree in Community and Economic Development at Pennsylvania State University. She is an affordable housing advocate and was appointed by the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials President to serve as a delegate to the Community Revitalization and Development Committee.

In 2011, she began her NERSC journey as a conference planner. At the close of her term as co-chair for the 2019 Massachusetts conference, she was elected to our Board of Directors and took office as Vice President in 2022. Throughout this time, she has worked to prepare our organization for the future, improve the educational resources available to our members, and strengthen the communities we serve.

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